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Here are two letters, one if you are an automotive repair technician and one if you are a motoring consumer, that you can use as an example in formulating your own message to send your elected officials.

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If you are an independent automotive technician, you can send this letter:

Dear Rep. or Sen. [insert their Lastname],

I am an independent automotive technician and I repair cars for a living. I would like you to co-sponsor and vote for the Right to Repair Act when it comes up for vote in the new Congress.

As a technician at an independent repair shop, I am proud of what I do. But, unfortunately, my career is at risk. I find myself having to send customers back to the dealerships because the car manufacturers are depriving technicians like me from receiving needed repair and safety information. The car companies claim that we are after their trade secrets, but that is not true. I do not want nor need the proprietary information. What I need is the information that my customers, the car owners, want me to have -- the diagnostic and repair information locked up by the manufacturers in their vehicle's computer.

That's why I am asking you to co-sponsor and support the The Motor Vehicle Owner's Right to Repair Act. On behalf of my customers and me, please vote YES! On the Right to Repair Act to preserve consumer safety and choice, and thousands of jobs in America’s independent auto repair industry. Thank you.

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If you are a motoring consumer, you can send this letter:

Dear Rep. or Sen. [insert their Lastname],

As one of millions of America’s vehicle owners, I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor and vote for The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act in the new Congress. This bill restores our right to choose where we take our vehicles for repair, saving us time and money and increasing our safety on the road. When I take my car in for repair to my neighborhood garage, it is hard to imagine that the technicians may not be able to repair it because the car companies won't allow them access to my car's repair information. But that is the case. Please, don't continue to allow this monopoly! I own my car and deserve the right to repair it wherever I choose.

Car companies are discrediting the bill by claiming the access information is proprietary. Not so! The bill clearly states that proprietary information is not requested! Nor has it ever been requested. The companies which manufacturer both car dealer and aftermarket parts have never divulged proprietary information and won’t in the future.

I believe all Americans should have the right to repair. Please vote for the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act. It will put ownership and control back in the drivers’ seat of America’s motoring consumers.

I am sure that the automobile lobbyists are out in force to kill this bill. I hope you will resist them and support the car owners of America by voting in favor of the Right to Repair Act. Thank you!

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