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Your voice needs to be heard in the battle for Right to Repair! The only thing that really sways Congress is hearing from their constituents, people like you who are concerned about protecting the interests of the automotive aftermarket.

  • We can help you reach Congress about critical issues affecting the aftermarket industry.
  • And, we will send email alerts to keep you abreast of legislative progress in the aftermarket issues so you can voice your concern to your elected officials.
  • We provide you with the tools both state and national that you need to make your voice heard where it counts. Check on the latest aftermarket bills in your state.
  • Email Congress free or use text from our sample letters to write your representative about the issues in your own words.

Become a CARE Activist!

Let us hear from you! Please write and tell us about your personal experiences dealing with auto repair and the car companies. Whether you’re one of the nation’s motoring consumers inconvenienced or charged more by being forced to use a dealership, or maybe you are a automotive technician who has to undergo daily or weekly battles to get the information you need to diagnose or repair vehicles – we’d like to hear from you!

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