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Crash Parts Bills

Crash Parts Bills contain provisions that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Parts must be used in repair work during a mandated period of time after the car's manufacture UNLESS the Consumer signs a document authorizing the use of Aftermarket Parts. The clear intent is to shake the confidence of the Consumer in the quality of Aftermarket Parts and the status of the car's warranties if other than OEM Parts are used in the repair process.

Aftermarket Parts cost up to 50% LESS than Car Dealer Parts and the majority of Aftermarket Parts come with LifeTime or long-term warranties which car dealer parts do not.

Crash Parts Bills are PRO-MONOPLY, ANTI-COMPETITION, ANTI-SMALL BUSINESS and ANTI-CONSUMER. Crash Parts Bills are promoted by some Auto Body Shops, car companies and their car dealerships. They are designed to Legislate Business to the car companies by monopolizing the market through Legislative Agendas. The reason for their actions is that the Automotive Aftermarket has 75 to 80% of the market due to Consumer Choice -- Not Legislation.

The OEMs and their Dealers have been unable to compete in the open marketplace after a car comes out of warranty -- thus, the Legislation. Crash Parts Bills are equivalent to Legislation that would eliminate or make it difficult to purchase Generic Brand Medicines. Generic Brand Medicines entered the marketplace as a less expensive alternative to the higher priced, brand name medicines. Even now, when a brand name medicine has no generic equivalent, the price of that particular brand name medicine remains much higher than those with generic equivalents. Consider that aftermarket parts are the equivalent of generic brand name parts Vs the much more expensive car dealer brand name parts.


    Pro-Monopoly / Anti-Competition
  1. Crash Parts Bills legislate away competition in the Auto Repair Industry by favoring OEM Parts over Aftermarket Parts.
  1. Passage of Crash Parts Bills will cause the price of all Car Parts to drastically rise.
  2. Passage of Crash Parts Bills will cause Insurance Premiums to rise.
  3. Low and Fixed Income Consumers will be the most hurt.